A loan without Credit bureau is a good and reputable alternative to conventional financing. For loans that are granted without Credit bureau, negative entries do not play a role in the credit report. You can often get a loan without Credit bureau even if your bank – and perhaps other institutions – have already rejected your loan applications.

How Credit bureau decides on your loan – usually

How Credit bureau decides on your loan - usually

No loan application without Credit bureau clause: This rule applies almost without exception. If you ask for a loan anywhere, you give the potential lender the right to obtain information about you from Credit bureau.

The Credit bureau Score is of crucial importance in the credit check. There are many rumors and half-truths about this value. The problem: Credit bureau turns the formula for the calculation into a trade secret. The company earns many millions of USD each year with very personal consumer data – but refuses even the most basic information. If you are badly rated by Credit bureau, you will often not even find out why. Inquiries are processed with standard answers – and you have to deal with the negative consequences of a “bad Credit bureau” alone.

No credit because of “bad Credit bureau”?

No credit because of "bad Credit bureau"?

In large banks, credit applications are largely checked automatically. So whether you get a loan or not is not primarily a question of people, but of computers. This is not about weighing up and making appropriate decisions in individual cases, but rather about achieving the fastest possible results in real “credit factories”.

The criteria are clear: negative Credit bureau characteristics usually result in your loan request being rejected – no further questions. With a “bad Credit bureau” you get practically no credit from the big banks.

The solution for negative Credit bureau characteristics

The solution for negative Credit bureau characteristics

Just because you are not wanted as a borrower at the big banks does not mean that you cannot get a loan at all – you just have to look elsewhere. This is where credit comes into play. Because our credit professionals also know banks that are not bothered by negative Credit bureau characteristics. Banks that don’t rashly refuse your loan request, but that really want to help you.

These banks know that the sole fixation on the Credit bureau score is not useful for credit checks. The corresponding entries are often years ago and have long since been done.

For this reason, your current income and your overall financial situation play a role in the credit check instead of the dubious score. Very often it turns out that a loan is possible without any problems – if you just think outside the box and not only use the Credit bureau rating.

Credit without Credit bureau query

Credit without Credit bureau query

If you have negative Credit bureau characteristics, there are different options for you. Bon-credit very often finds a normal loan for you at favorable conditions. If this is not possible, the loan without Credit bureau remains as an alternative. There is no Credit bureau query at all. No matter how negative the entries about you may be – they do not play a role in loans without Credit bureau.

A credit without Credit bureau offers another advantage that should not be underestimated: the loan is not reported to Credit bureau and therefore does not affect your credit rating. A Credit bureau-free loan is discreet because it is invisible to both your bank and your employer, for example. In order to maintain maximum discretion, the Good lender loan partners pay your credit without Credit bureau postable on request. There are no traces on the bank statements, as you can get your money in cash from the postman.

This is how we find you Credit bureau free credit

This is how we find you Credit bureau free credit

We are looking for loans for negative Credit bureau characteristics and loans without Credit bureau for you with the same commitment as for any other loan. Our financing experts compare the conditions of different banks and then send you the best loan as a free offer straight to your home.